Professional Floor Maintenance Services For Over 29 Years

Wood Floors — Flooring Installations in Oregon City, OR
After constant traffic, wear and tear your floors in your commercial building or property will start to look lackluster and dirty. Your flooring is an important part of a first impression your customers and clients look at. With our professional floor cleaning services your floors will be brought back to life and most importantly bring in more customers to your establishment. When you choose Night Owl Floor Services, Inc. you're getting a floor maintenance company that is committed to you and your flooring. Our owner is always involved with the job to ensure that your service will be done to your satisfaction. We will set up your floor service based on your specific needs. Most of our services are done at night while your place of business is closed, but can also provide services during the day. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

Floor Stripping

One of the most important parts of keeping your commercial floors maintained, cleaned and beautiful is to have them stripped when needed. We will work in a precise and professional way that will properly strip the old wax from your floors and clean and not cut corners. Our team is detailed oriented, careful as to not make common mistakes of splashes and splatters, and concentrates on making your floors look good as new if not better than before. Your satisfaction is important to us and we always work hard to bring your floors back to life. Contact Us today so we can help keep your floors looking their best.

Buffing & Polishing

All floors could use a spruce up with our buffing and polishing services by Night Owl Floor Services, Inc. With regular polishing and buffing your floors with maintain its look and will keep clean. We understand that having perfectly polished flooring gives your floors that extra WOW factor to your potential customers and clients. By regular floor maintenance you will increase the longevity of your floor and prevent damage. Our high speed burnishing and buffing equipment can provide you with the best in shine and polished look for your flooring. There is no better way to keep your floors beautiful than to regularly maintain your floors.

Floor Scrub & Re-Finishing

Bring your floors back to life with our floor scrubbing and re-finishing services. We work hard to make sure your old and grimy floors look better than ever before. Our services are fast, efficient and safe for your employees and customers to walk on. The first step to our floor re-finishing is to make sure your floors are clean. We will sweep or vacuum your floors to remove debris and dirt first. We will then scrub down your flooring to get the floor fully clean. Then we re-apply several coats of floor wax to get the best results for a beautiful and finished look. Your floors will look fantastic once we are finished with them.